How to Create Whiteboard Videos for Your Business ?

A whiteboard video is a network of interconnected drawings.

Whiteboard videos are somewhat like uniform explainer video production. It is a process whereby a story having pictures gets drawn on something that looks like a whiteboard or on the whiteboard itself. The animation process uses the real effect of time lapse. Nowadays as the technology is developing the process of production does not require actual drawings and can easily be handled with whiteboard videos and animation software. Most of the marketers used this video style momentarily.

There are a few reasons why the whiteboard videos are gaining popularity among marketers, authors, and business owners: Whiteboard videos and animations are very pinpointed as the only mode of expression they possess is a whiteboard and marker to create whiteboard videos and therefore, the message comes unscattered.

Secondly, these Whiteboard videos are cheaper to produce, video production price playing a significant role with companies on a tight budget. For voiceovers, you need microphone, software and you’re done. If your company wants to blend into an animation that will not cost a gold mine but still can be an effective marketing tool, this style no doubt will be the best choice. Moreover, this video style is universal. From history lessons to bank commercials, one can use this style for just about anything.
Here in this article, you will get familiar with the step by step process of creating a great whiteboard animated video.

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1. Whiteboard Videos Script- Make it entirely proficient.

Whiteboard VideosPeople ambush themselves into the visuals not focusing much on the script. The script is the basis of an animated video and the message you want to transmit, so it becomes necessary to have a compelling one.

Have three things in mind while you start writing a script:

The Hook

The hook is a thing to catch people’s attention since it takes only a couple of seconds for them choose if they want to watch the rest of the video. So make your viewers interest by adding some component of inquisitiveness.

The Primary Message

Here comes the core/main message of your video. Be assured of having an intelligibly organized primary message to keep your viewers active since this is the part where your video will be assessed.

The Call-to-Action

The basic purpose of any video is to make the audience act, the point where CTA comes into play. You cannot derive any business point out of your video without a CTA, make sure not to force it to the people, keep it natural, make it humorous. Be relaxed and confidential!

2. Storyboard the Script

Whiteboard VideosStoryboard as we already know is a graphic organizer in the form of illustrations or images displayed in sequence for pre-visualizing a motion picture, animation, motion graphic or interactive media sequence. In this step, you follow the script that you created in the preliminary step to draw out the visual aspects of the video (think of yourself as a graphic structurer of your storyboard).

Storyboard is like a comic piece, the motive behind making one is to get an idea on how to structure the script scene by scene. Everything on the whiteboard videos must be connected to the drawings should be made in perfect proportions and must be perfectly placed at the perfect angle. The whole video is a huge work of art on the whiteboard. Try not to make it superficial or long as in a particular way it appears to be dodged by the companies.

3. Voice over your story

Whiteboard VideosVoice over and Music is immensely important for the video to go blooming as whiteboard videos and animations are bounded regarding expressions than regular live or 2D/3D animated videos. As soon as the scripting part is finished Voiceovers should be recorded since they mark the actual time for animation stage.

Do think about purchasing professional hardware like a studio-grade Microphone (you can use a snowball mic from blue microphones) because a sluggish sound can entirely blunder your video making it look like an amateur and mucked up one and hence reduce your viewer’s interest. You can rehearse on and on before the actual recording takes place. Try not to use words which are hard to give voice to since may become difficult for the viewers to understand.

4. Animate your Whiteboard Videos

Whiteboard VideosThere is a never-ending list of options available on which software to be used for producing the whiteboard Videos animation. If you have just started creating one you can use or go with something like Animaker Whiteboard 2.0 or Animation. There are several options available in the drop-down menu for choosing out different whiteboard video styles from the available themes.

Make your whiteboard videos jawdropping using strong visual cues (adding characters) for bracing up the script since the whole point of making it is to ease the narration.

Here your skills for the animation come into play. The effects on timing should be controlled in such a manner that it makes one think of the actual plot of a person drawing on the board.
Nothing to worry though- after all it’s not rocket science.

Drag and Drop Visuals

You have to acquire a lot of your audience curiosity using images, the content being the substantiate unit. Add wording after the drawing sequence is over. Make sure that you do not animate both the text part and image together as it may indulge for more than one hand to appear on the screen thereby irritating the audience.

Enter and exit effects for screen

The whiteboard videos and animation depends on how the things or visuals enters the screen display. You can add on different effects like for exit if you rub the board, all the elements fade away.

Adjustment of timing for each scene

Managing the speed of drawings and wording is also a vital component of animation. Notice if your eye captures the drawings and wordings properly. If not there is a need to change the timing.

Adding transition effects

Transition effects can give visual interest to the whiteboard by introducing an element of motion to the graphics. The effects can make your video look more professional.

Once everything is done preview your video to check there is no timing error, to see whether your message is delivered and if some changes are required. Finish it and do not forget to share your whiteboard video to let show people your amazing animation!

Final Words

Creating whiteboard videos can be too much work if you are the only doing everything. Luckily, there are companies that can help you do it. You can break down whiteboard video creation in 3 parts, figuring out a topic, writing a script, and actually shooting the footage.

There are companies like Grey Matter India to whom you can outsource the topic finding and scriptwriting work.
Once these two tasks are done, only shooting the actual footage would be left which can be done by Grey Matter India as well.

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