Online Reputation Management

How Online Reputation Management helps your Digital Marketing Strategy

Online Reputation Management is a structured approach to control and handle your virtual reputation. A successful online reputation management strategy will offer you new opportunities for accelerating awareness about your brand and help you give a stronger digital presence which in turn helps your digital marketing strategy.

Fundamentally, it means taking control of the discussions about you and your Business in the digital world. Online Reputation Management ensures that your Target customers and people, in general, find the exact information at the right time on a device they prefer when they look for you on the Web.

All over the internet, Businesses aggressively ask for feedback from consumers, since a lot of global consumers believe in online reviews from mere strangers when making purchasing decisions, this can often provide excellent exposure for businesses. At the same time, the interwebs have also made it exceedingly difficult for some firms to maintain a positive reputation. This puts companies in a losing scenario and a canvas of losing big business deals forcing many consumers to be dissuaded from making a purchase based on one bad review.

If controlled well, Online Reputation Management strikes balance, counteracts misleading tabloids, and allows you to fire in the right direction. All of this, at your very fingertips.

Looking at statistics it’s clear that what happens online affects your entire business half-life. There are many reasons why it’s necessary to have an ORM process in place to help you with your social media and other digital promotion campaigns, but here are just a couple of reasons to consider one for your brand.

The Line between Online and Offline has blurred

With every passing day, the virtual world becomes even more entwined with the rest of our activities. From smartphones to TVs and from the automated cloud systems to the self-driving cars from the future, you are living each and every minute of your life online under the watchful eyes of “Internet Companies“, even if you never really touch a personal computer.

Which suggests that there are more than just a few ways for you to leave an online mark, whether positive or negative.

You may think that people are not looking about you, but chances are they are right at this moment. Common reasons include:

  • Employers conducting pre-interview research
  • Landlords looking up renters
  • Former colleagues looking to get in touch for professional opportunities

Your Online Reputation is Immortal

If a user posts something negative about you online, it can put you at a serious disadvantage in the long term, especially if you’re averse about it. You might never know why you didn’t get that apartment you wanted, or why a job offer never got a positive response after that phenomenal interview.

It’s important to keep a check on what people are saying about you and then take measures to correct any falsified deviations.

Building Trust and Credibility the key to Online Reputation Management

Having the trust of your clients is an integral part of success. Your clients discuss their purchases and services provided by your company with acquaintances and when they have difficulty or problem with the quality of the product, they will most likely spread the word about the nightmares they had because of products you offer. Word of Mouth publicity can often make break businesses. The internet makes everybody an essential professional journalist and you should now worry about harmful content spreading like wildfire. If your company has a loss of faith in eyes of the general public, there is a very high chance that you will never be able to turn it back into a positive mindset from that. If you can get over negative publicity to regain trust from your target audience, the cost will be very high in lieu of having a process in place that could have successfully prevented it.

Basic Principles for Online Reputation Management


Search Engine Woe – Algorithmically Generated Search results 

Online Reputation ManagementYour online reputation is determined by complex integration to run automatically by the servers. After all, nobody has the time to go through all the information that’s out there, so search engines and social media sites make highly probable guesses about what people will or shall not find interesting.



Propaganda – Popularity over Facts. (Fake News!)

Online Reputation ManagementNo algorithm can tell whether information accurately portrays you or doesn’t, so fame becomes the main measuring unit. That’s why embarrassing tagged photographs, frivolous lawsuits dismissed years ago, and any other kind intriguing snippets often dominate online searches.



Click-Bait – The Pain Point for Digital Marketers.

Online Reputation ManagementMany a time It is tempting to visit the fake and negative pages in your search results but always refrain from doing this. Engaging with Click-Bait tells search engines that the page is relevant according to you, and in turn drives up the results. For the same reason, don’t tell all your friends to go visit a particular page. And under no circumstances should you refer to it on social media.


Disengage – Don’t engage with Online trolls and negators.

Online Reputation ManagementIf someone writes something nasty about you, don’t write back, don’t post a comment, and don’t refer to the offending item in online forums. All this does, is send more attention to the issue you don’t want to be seen. There’s also the danger that manipulative snobs may take your response and churn the words against you. Why give them the stuff to get at you with? It’s better to fight their taunts with silence.


Publicise – Get your story out in the open.

Online Reputation ManagementYou can only promote the material that is out there. Meaning, you need a solid base of positive and precise content to improve your online reputation. You can do this yourself by posting on a blog, making YouTube videos, however, you may need a copywriting team in order to turn the results in your favour. Get a Team of Professionals to help you at Grey Matter India


Get Internet Famous – Use Social Media.

Online Reputation ManagementNot on Twitter? Sign up right away, using your full name as your handle (e.g. @johndoe). Active on LinkedIn? Yes?  Make sure your resume is up to the mark and updated. Social media are given top priority for your search results, and you control the content they show the surfers, thereby making a big difference to your online reputation.



Save Yourself – Protect your Digital Privacy.

Online Reputation ManagementKeep a check on the personal information shared and posted online. Opt out of services profit from your personal data, and remove your information from people-search sites. This makes it least likely that sensitive personal details can be used to wither your online reputation.



Internet immortality – Assume Everything Lasts Forever on the Interwebs.

Online Reputation ManagementIf something has been published online, it’s exponentially part of your online reputation. Results don’t appear just by the date, so old news and outdated information can continue to rank upwards, if they’re perceived to be relevant.




To conclude we would like to say that Online Reputation Management is an investment worth making, even for smaller businesses. If you’re a one-person show, your reputation is everything, and chances are, you don’t have the time to dedicate to proper reputation management. Let us help you! Get in touch with professionals at Grey Matter India

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